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Our Values

Our "C.E.W." to you!     Clear. Efficient. Wise.

Clear- on what your goals and concerns are, and clear on how we can help make achieving them easier.

Efficient- it is our job to be up to date with resources, strategies, and opportunities that can provide more efficiency and less headache on reaching your financial goals.

Wise- over time things change but we also understand some things never do,  so we won't compromise on a wise approach that will help achieve and sustain your financial goals.

"With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. My fruit is better than fine gold; what I yield surpasses choice silver"

- Lady Wisdom from Proverbs 8:18-19

Gregory Montejo

Financial Representative

(805) 621-2323

After graduating from Long Beach State in 2015 Greg joined the Financial Services industry. In 2021 Greg had a vision to create a platform that served clients in a more clear and powerful way so he decided to build Proverbs Financial. Greg is passionate about educating clients on how to be successful in their financial journey. On the weekends you can catch Greg and his wife Ellie working out at their local gym, going to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants or church on Sunday’s in the Southbay of Los Angeles, CA where they live.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian, CA insurance license #0K49283.

Alfonso Aguilar

Financial Advisor

(562) 645-2047

Alfonso is a Financial Advisor who joined the Financial Services industry in October 2018. Alfonso graduated with a degree in Business Economic in 2019 from CSULB. In Alfonso's spare time loves to build computers and is a huge tech geek. Along with that he loves to play basketball at the local gym and golf with his friends on the weekend. Alfonso joined the financial services industry to help promote financial literacy to the masses. He believes this is a skill that isn't taught that should be considered a basic need. Through Proverbs and teaming up with Greg, Alfonso genuinely believes they can provide a valuable skill.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian, CA insurance license #0M62601.

Cynthia Cardenas

Marketing Associate

(323) 491-4372

Cynthia graduated from CSULA in 2020 with a B.S. in Business Marketing and has joined the Proverbs team as the Marketing Associate. She is excited about having joined the team and plans to help Proverbs Financial go far in its journey through her marketing efforts. She has a passion for marketing and hopes that those who come across her work are positively impacted.

Damen Pradovic

Financial Representative

(608) 780-5166

Damen joined the financial services industry in August 2020. He was born and raised in a small town known as La Crosse WI. His passion for joining the financial services industry comes from much of his upbringing and not having the luxuries that many others did. He firmly believes that planning and asset building is the key towards early retirement and it is necessary to take risks to reap the rewards of financial freedom. His focus is not only built upon what growth he can obtain, but more importantly, built on what impact he can provide for others.

Miranda Montejo

Financial Representative

(951) 531-7517

After almost a decade in the healthcare industry as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Miranda transitioned to a new position as a Financial Representative with Proverbs Financial.

Her role as a physical therapist solidified her desire to serve people and allowed her to help individual patients achieve optimal mobility and physical wellness. As a Financial Rep, she is excited to continue serving people and to promote financial wellness. With education, resources, tools, products, a platform, wisdom and pure intentions Miranda hopes to lay out roadmaps that will help people achieve their goals, pursue their dreams, leave a legacy, and have peace of mind.