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Holistic Financial Planning

A holistic approach takes into account all parts of your financial plan and helps coordinate them to work together in a plan that is efficient and concise. These packages combine technology with a professional team to service your needs and provide more confidence in your financial well being.

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Get Organized Take Control

$79/month which includes 

- Gathering Inventory (to help confirm what you have)

- Organize Data (your financial world in one place to help make clear and informed decisions)

- Personal Balance Sheet (assesses your current financial condition and your potential for growing your net worth)

- Cash Flow Planning (optimizing your cash flow can supercharge savings, accelerate debt reduction and make sure you have money for goals, lifestyle and unexpected events)

- Financial Professional (access to an industry professional to help you along the way and provide feedback and insights on opportunities and potential pitfalls that you may be to busy to keep up to date with)

This package is great for people who want to stay financially organized, stay on track towards goals, have a team keep their financials up to date, get quarterly progress reports and continued access to a financial professional. 

Get Organized Take Control Plus 

$150/month which includes

- Everything from Get Organized Take Control

- Enhanced Support (Required for business owners, executives, or have advanced estates) 

- "Snap to" Feature (makes it easy to assemble and retrieve your data today and save for future reference for things such as applying for a loan, FAFSA etc.)

- Multi Assets and Entities (increased help to organize people with many types of assets and entities)

This package is great for people who have executive benefits, advanced estates, or business owners who need help translating their business to their personal planning.

Enterprise Planning

For growing businesses, established businesses or advanced estates who have complex financial circumstances and want help with understanding, coordinating and/or executing advanced strategies. For specifics on packages below please schedule an intro call.

- Performance Valuation Plans ($1,875/yr)

- Performance Valuation + Sufficiency ($2,500/yr) 

- Performance Insights ($3,750/yr)

- Essentials ($5,000/yr)

- Advanced ($10,000/yr)

Fee-based financial planning is offered by appropriately licensed and qualified Investment Advisor Representatives of Park Avenue Securities (PAS). Fee’s may be subject to change based on the complexity of the plan.

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