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Business Owners

The feedback we have gotten by working with business owners over the years is that professional advice on what it takes to protect, grow and exit their business is usually not well coordinated. Business owners are typically very busy and maximizing what their business can generate for them and their employees is very important but overwhelming. We work with our business owner clients to strategically craft how to coordinate the following below.


Protecting your business means protecting your biggest asset, which means protecting your financial security now and into the future! We help with:

Buy-Sell Agreements

Employee Insurance benefits

Key Person Plans


The most valuable assets to a business are it's people. We help with:

Retirement Plans

Employee Retention

Financial Wellness Programs


In time, we all exit our business. You may choose to maintain control after you leave day to day operations, transition to family or employee, or sell the company. We help with:

Transition to new owner (agreements)

Helping to avoid double taxation on sale or transition of business

Cash flow efficient strategies upon exit

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