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Melissa Moss

Melissa Moss

Financial Representative

After graduating from the University of Utah with a Degree in Psychology, Melissa transitioned from her role as a Director of Business Development to working with non-profits to help provide water for those in need. She then acted as CEO for a non-profit aimed to mentor and assist at-risk youth to find a meaningful and successful path in life. 
Her desire to help others has led her to pursue a career in personal finance where she believes that the security that comes from having our financial lives in order can affect our overall well-being greatly, as well as generations to come. By working with the Proverbs Financial team, she looks forward to assisting as many people as they can to live their best lives financially so that they can focus on what really matters. 
In her free time, Melissa enjoys being outside running, walking, cycling, mountain biking, and snowboarding. When she can't be outdoors, you can find her inside writing songs and hanging with her husband and puppies.
Financial Representative of Guardian, CA Insurance License# 4277969.